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This is the home page of the Non-contact Screening for Primary Angle-Closure Galucome Project. You can find the The Mission, the update status of The Device and the Time Schedule of the project .


Primary angle-closure glaucoma, a common cause of bilateral blindness worldwide, is more frequent in subjects with “small” eyes. Prevention passes through timely detection of the disease. Standard technique is Gonioscopy but is invasive and subjective.

The aim of the proposed project is to develop an objective, non invasive, low-cost, portable instrument for detecting patients at high risk for angle-closure glaucoma.
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The project is divided in two main phases:

  • Phase 1: Development of an innovative, non-invasive instrument able to quantify, without eye contact, the width of the irido-corneal angle.
  • Phase 2: Cross-sectional, case-control, comparative evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy and agreement

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The Device

A first version of the device, based on a VR viewer, was just implemented. For a brief description about the 1.0 version of the developed device, a photo gallery of the project and a demo of the measurement process click Here





  • IRRCS Policlinico San Matteo Foundation and Hospital, Pavia, Unit of Ophthalmology
  • University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Department of engineering “Enzo Ferrari” – OptoLab
  • IRCCS GB Bietti Foundation – Glaucoma Unit- Britannic Hospital
  • University of California, San Diego – Hamilton Glaucoma Center – Shiley Eye Institute

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